In pre-war Berlin, Cabaret’s heady mix of the risqué, social critique and satire shone a light on the complex and dangerous issues of the day. At its heart it was engaging, fearless and honest at all costs. Its art was the ability to deliver a clear point of view in a brilliant way... and that's what we place at the heart of Cabaret today.  



Discovering and distilling insights to create brand advantage… globally.

having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people and turn this to one’s advantage. ”an astute businessman”.

Shrewd, sharp, sharp-witted, razor-sharp, acute, quick, quick-witted, ingenious, clever, intelligent, smart, intuitive, discerning, perceptive, perspicacious, penetrating, insightful, incisive, piercing,

In research that means



Pulling in relevant expertise to throw new light on objectives, sharpen techniques, open up analysis, and deliver impactful outputs.

Psychotherapy, semiotics, sociology, linguistics To further uncover influences on attitudes, beliefs and behaviour.

Artists, designers, actors, writers, creative consumers, film makers To stimulate and engage participants and clients.

Client / and audience owned skills and perspective Co-creation to accelerate, enhance or dynamically shift the quality of the outcome

It’s all in the timing Fully integrated at key points: be it research design, observing fieldwork, workshops, writing concepts, analysis, or designing outputs with traction.

Our experience and contacts mean we access relevant experts at the top of their game, when it counts.

Beyond Hearts & Minds

Applying latest thinking and techniques from the behavioural sciences to appreciate unconscious influences on attitudes, beliefs and behaviour - be they internal hard-wiring, or arising from the immediate, the social or the cultural environment.

Key here is to achieve a more rounded understanding of brands and research questions using a triangulation approach – multiple methods and settings to address objectives from different angles. So we might explore what’s happening in home, online or in store; what groups, depths, digital research can bring, and how consulting experts from related disciplines can help further access less conscious influences.

It’s fascinating and fun! Observing consumers; encouraging participants to work emotionally, challenging and stretching them, asking them to be playful, messy and to take risks; and then going beyond the participant contribution and pulling it all together to reveal powerful truths and what they really mean for our clients.


Digital & Mobile

Online communities, groups & depths; blogging; self ethnographic mobile apps

The digital & mobile toolkit takes us deep into real lives and scenarios; reaching in and engaging both creatively and efficiently. Outputs are rich, multi-layered and visceral.

Astute digital & mobile is discerning, we know what tools can and cannot deliver, when to use them and how to get the most from them.

We’re not tied to a proprietary platform, so can select the best and most appropriate tools each time.

Clients can join us and even co-create with participants in their natural ‘digital’ space.



Astute international research comes from deep cultural curiosity, expert local collaboration and a desire to share our discoveries

It’s about working closely with local partners from the start, consulting with them on approach, getting a cultural ‘heads up’, and continuing to share and evolve our thinking with them as we go.

It’s about knowing when to step in to dig deeper and when to step back and see where it goes.

It’s about immersing ourselves in the cultural context as soon as we land - seeking out the local brands, visiting neighbourhoods, stores, homes, and recording what we find to tell the story.

It’s about being able to choose the right people to work with: people who get the basics like recruitment right; who share our ethos; and have the right skills and expertise to do a great job

And because we’re good at it, it’s always a rewarding journey.



We have thought about the art of storytelling: it’s not just the writing that makes great literature, it’s the editing and the delivery.

Thinking in terms of insights with traction rather than simply presenting a debrief.

Delivered by dynamic and passionate speakers with gravitas and confidence.

Accurately assessing an audience, then employing techniques to encourage open and active listening and overcome resistance to difficult messages.

Separating strategy and recommendations from detail, and revealing headline findings early.

With photo and video journalism, podcasts, project books, mood boards and microsites to tell the story and help it live throughout the organisation.

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